Featured Speakers

  • Dan HutchesonChief Operating Officer Pfizer

  • Bill PotterSpecialist in CNS Drug Development NIH

  • Mark DayGlobal Lead, CNS Search and Evaluation Bristol Myers Squibb

  • Giora FeuersteinChief Medical and Technical Officer USA Government

Increase the translational potential of your CNS therapies

Translational CNS Summit focuses on the biggest commercial opportunity to maximize the value of your CNS pipeline; improving the use of translational approaches

Unreliable animal models. Validation of new biomarkers. Detecting if a drug has reached the brain. Are all common challenges of CNS drug development. 

Translational CNS Summit will bring together CNS experts to find solutions to these challenges and more - to improve the translational potential of your entire CNS pipeline. Get more CNS therapies through to market, restore investor and management confidence and bring investment back into the CNS field. 

This meeting is fundamentally a summit, a meeting of leading minds in CNS. You can meet with and learn from commercial and academic leaders that will inspire newide.jpgas and strategies to minimize clinical attrition, maximize pipeline potential and see a return on historic investments made in the CNS field.

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Attend Translational CNS Summit to:

  • Attract investment back to CNS drug development. Gain unprecedented insights into the CNS strategies of three top pharma companies, Pfizer, BMS and AbbVie. Learn how they are designing their CNS strategies to avoid the common pitfalls of CNS drug development
  • Design your imaging protocols and strategies to maximize its impact on drug development. Learn how imaging experts at AstraZeneca, Amgen and Boston Children’s Hospital are using imaging at the right time of development to optimize its effect on the translational potential of their pipeline
  • Develop animal models with an increased predictive validity even for the most complex disease types. Hear how model experts at Genzyme, Astellas and Novartis are developing better animal models and compensating for their unavoidable limitations
  • Improve the way you use biomarkers in drug development. Hear  how  Merck, Biogen Idec and Janssen are using surrogate end points and back-translational approaches to minimize clinical attrition within their pipelines

Download the brochure now for more information

Who should attend?

This meeting is for anyone who wants to be a part of deciding how we can increase the translational potential of CNS therapies. The following have already expressed an interest in being a part of the summit:

  • Large drug developers – Heads of CNS programmes and research scientists who would benefit from learning to apply new translational approaches
  • Small and medium drug developers who are looking to network with larger drug developers and or learn how to apply new translational approaches
  • Providers of services or products specifically targeted at people working in the CNS space
  • People from research institutes who are working on refining translational approaches that will benefit CNS drug development

What attendees have said about Hanson Wade

“An effective forum to network and learn the most recent progress on several areas”


 “Fantastic program and good atmosphere”

Novo Nordisk

“Fruitful, efficient, well organized”


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